Inexpensive Whistles

Feadog Whistles: An excellent starter whistle and is easily the most popular. Feadog Whistles are inexpensive and very reliable and have the traditional "chiff" or "sound" that everyone associates with the tin whistle.

Generation Whistles: Another perfect whistle for beginners. The generation was the first Tin-Whistle I ever played and still holds a special place in my heart. It costs just under 5 and is available in most music stores.

Clarke Whistles: The Clarke whistle is a very distinctive whistle. The instrument is made of tin-plate with a wooden plug in the mouthpiece. It is quite a controversial Tin-Whistle and you either hate it or love it.

High End Whistles

Micheal Burke Whistles: Burke's uniquely designed, hand-made whistles are available in 19 different keys and a wide range of materials. I personally prefer the Brass Whistles although they are also avaliable in Aluminium and Composite. I use a Burke whistle for the tutorials on this site.

Colin Goldie Whistles: Apprentice to the late Bernard Overton, Colin Goldies handmade whistles are highly acclaimed and sought after by both professional and amateur musicians alike. They have a silky smooth sound and are bright with good volume. Possibly the best whistle in todays market!

Sindt Whistles: John Sindt is one of the finest whistle makers in the world with a long waiting list as proof. It's his attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship that makes this instrument stand out from the crowd.

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